Tuesday, October 5, 2010

FlashFuck - Lesbian Cyber Erotica - 100 Words


The words she types appear on the screen.
I smile.
Playful. Seductive. Siren-like.
I can't look away.
She asks me if I'll chat privately with her.
I do.
Alone with her now.
I fidget.
Electronic bedroom of sensual colloquy.
We linger.
Her words transform into invisible fingers caressing my skin.
I squirm in my chair.
Seductive. Sinful. She whispers.
I crave more.
Dirty words follow.
I am wet.
Lips on my breasts. Downward.
I open my legs.
Warm tongue reaches velvet.
Ecstasy. Eyes closed.
Inside me now.
Hips thrust outward.
Lips utter filth.
Lurid lover. Invisible fiend.
My heaven.

© October 5, 2010. Dylynn DeSaint. All rights reserved. Copyright held by author.

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