Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh Boi, the Butch/Femme Magazine, My Second Life Interview

Gangrel Pichot is my avatar's name in Second Life. Let me see if I can explain what it is. Second Life allows you to chat, meet people from all over the world, and socialize in a 3D environment of your choice; from the inside of a nightclub up in space to a sandy beach in Hawaii. It's pretty amazing.

I learned about Second Life a few years ago and decided to give it a try. I found it to be more fun than chatting in a one dimensional text box like in a chat room.

Everything (and everyone) in Second Life is built by the people who populate it. When you first sign up, you create your own avatar. Some people create one that looks just like themselves and some, like me at times, create entirely silly looking avatars like the big kitty with a mohawk jumping on a virtual trampoline.

Sometimes I'm a huge mohawk-wearing tiger, gray leopard, or a little robot.

Most times I look something like the picture to the left....with a tail. My avatar is technically called a Neko (half cat, half human). They're all manifestations of whatever mood I happen to be in when I'm there.

While in Second Life, you are virtually unlimited as to what your avatar can look like but it might cost you a few dollars. You can either custom create your own look (if you're brave) or buy one. It's all up to your imagination and can be pretty fun.

This leads us up to how I met Adrianne Sautereau, Editor-in-chief of Oh Boi, a Second Life magazine for lesbian butches and femmes. I happened to be in Second Life at a lesbian sim and I think I was a big butchie tiger at the time. I had no idea that she was an editor. We struck up a conversation, got to know each other, then became friends. She knew that I was a writer and asked me to pen a story for Oh Boi. At first I hesitated because I had a lot of other projects going but she was relentless (I mean this in a good way Adrianne! lol) and after viewing the magazine, thought it was beautifully done and definitely wanted to be part of it! I wrote a short short story called Butch Hands for the mag (it's also posted here in my whispers section). Adrianne also interviewed me and as a result I'm in her May-June issue! Take a look at below. It's pretty cool. If you like it, show her love by following her on her blog, Oh Boi too! If you're a Second Lifer, the blog will give you locations where you can download the magazine for viewing in world.

If you're brave and curious, join me in Second Life and say hi. I'd love to "meet" you. You can also join my group, where I send out excerpts and updates of stories that I write. Just instant message me while in world. See you there and I hope you enjoy reading the magazine (click on image)!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Writing and being scared shitless...

I debated on whether to write about the feelings that I'm going through as I write my first screenplay. Since I suck at keeping this blog up-to-date, I thought what better opportunity than now to share what's going on in my mind as I embark on this new writing journey. Theres going to definitely be some great highs and guaranteed lows.

So how did it come to pass that I'd start such an endeavor?

Sometime last month after finishing a romantic short story, I got a wild hair to turn it into a screenplay. I checked out every book I could find in the library on how to write one, bought scriptwriting software, and started reading my ass off. I spent a good chunk of time trying to figure out how to use the software too (I'm still learning).

First off, you have to understand that I've never written a screenplay before OR pitched one to a film producer, agent, executive, or ANYBODY for that matter. Yet, I'm writing one and will also pitch my script to a film executive in August. I am really stepping outside of my comfort zone on so many fronts. This is a BIG DEAL for me. Lately, not a day goes by without me asking myself what the hell I was thinking when I decided to do this. Can I finish this script in time? Can I pitch the concept in 5 minutes or less? In once sentence? Can I pull this whole thing off? Why do I do this shit to myself? Part of the answer is that I need to be challenged and feel excited. This is what motivated me in the past to parachute out of a helicopter twice, rappel off of a 50 ft tower, and climb up a waterfall despite that fact that I'm scared to death of heights. Doing something that scares me breathes life into my soul.

Alright, I'm getting myself worked up and anxiety is starting to set in. lol. I'll post more as I write the script. In the next few days, look for some new excerpts of a few erotic stories that I've written. Right now I'd better work!