Monday, July 5, 2010

Excerpt of "Haircut," a Sexy Butch/Femme Romp

Since I haven't written anything erotic since I started working on the script I thought I'd post an excerpt of my latest short story titled, "Haircut." The story is about a butch woman named Syona (Sy) who decides to go out for a haircut at her favorite hair salon. On a whim she decides to hard pack (wear a dildo). Not only does she get a trim tonight but also has an unexpectedly hot and steamy romp with her hairdresser, a sensuous and exotic femme named, Adriana.

Before Adriana puts the cloth drape over Sy, her eyes catch the unmistakable outline of the huge dildo in Sy's faded out jeans. She intentionally takes her time cutting the sexy butch's hair so that the two are the only ones left in the salon.

In this excerpt, I'm going to drop you into a scene as things are really starting to heat up between the two.

If you think this excerpt is hot, you'll need to read the rest of the story when it goes to print in a yet-to-be named anthology this year. I guarantee you things get even steamier!

By Dylynn DeSaint

Adriana stood speechless and immobile. She was familiar with the ensuing butch femme power game. Still, her legs were weak and the heat between them burned impatiently into a rising crescendo of flames that were licking at her sex and growing even hotter the longer she was made to wait. As much as she wanted to, she didn’t dare move an inch. Instead, she quietly and joyfully accepted her submissive role in their sexual romp.

Locking eyes with Adriana, Sy eased slowly back into the chair, slouching back and making herself comfortable with her legs wide apart.

“I want you to unfasten my belt, unbutton the fly on my jeans and take my cock out. Do it very slowly, there’s no rush.”

Adriana approached her slowly, her lips forming a pouty, seductive smile, knowing full well that she too, had the power and capacity to drive this cocky butch over the edge. She chose instead, to do exactly as she was told; her dainty fingers slowly unfastened the leather belt, letting it fall to the sides. She proceeded to release each button with care as she wet her lips with her tongue. She looked up quietly at Sy for delicious approval. Sy returned the gaze but showed no emotion or the sign of approval that Adriana wanted.

Before reaching inside, Adriana looked up at Sy once again, her eyes begged for permission to release the object of her desire. Sy took her hand, and instead, guided her fingers over the outline of the cock still hidden in her jeans. It was cruel of her to tease Adriana like this but she knew in the end it would be worth it. Eyes dark with desire and lips parted in anticipation, Adriana moved her fingers sensuously over it back and forth, rubbing it while Sy watched her intently.

“Pull it out now, Adriana” she ordered.

“Show me how much you adore my cock, baby” Sy said as she stroked Adriana’s hair and face, gently guiding her by the chin to her lap.

Adriana obeyed her; her eyes traveling the length of the cock as it emerged, solid and unyielding. Without further prompting, Adriana bent over and took it in her mouth.

A slow lusty smile crept across Sy’s lips as she placed her hand on the back of Adriana’s head, coaxing her to take the cock all the way in her mouth. She watched as Adriana slowly licked the tip with her tongue; making it shine with moisture, then disappear back into her throat.

“That’s it baby, make it nice and wet” she muttered as she held Adriana’s hair in her fist, watching their reflection in the mirror.

Sy could feel herself getting wet and excited from watching Adriana go down on the big cock. She’d watched women do it for her before but there was something about the way this bewitching creature reveled in it that took her aback. Adriana’s dark lips continued to work their way up and down the shaft. Eyes closed, her pretty face glowed warmly, oblivious to the world and in a total state of bliss. Sy could feel her own pulse beating wildly and her breathing becoming jagged. She could not stand watching Adriana sucking her cock any longer; she had to have her now.

She gently lifted Adriana’s face to her own. Kissing her passionately, she pulled her body into hers. The heat of their embrace caused tiny beads of sweat to begin to form on Sy’s face.

© Dylynn DeSaint

No part or portion may be republished or reprinted in electronic or any other format, in any language, translation, or version, without express permission from the author, except brief passages which may be quoted in a review.