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A Vampire Tale by
Dylynn DeSaint

I grind my hips back and forth, guiding her closer and closer to that euphoric state of consciousness that I can only describe as heaven. Slowly....god, ever so fucking slowly, her hand inches deeper and deeper inside of me. I clench my eyes shut and hear myself moan yet no one hears me. Opening them, I catch the smoldering charcoal eyes of a leather top daddy amidst the shadows, past the gyrating bodies and pulsating strobe lights. She doesn't look away but keeps a steady eye on us. The lust on her face intensifies both the pleasure and pain strumming through my body, making me hotter and wetter.

My fingernails scrape at the wall that I'm braced against as I attempt to clutch at anything to keep standing.

"Keep going!" I hiss through my teeth at my lover while maintaining the gaze of those steely black eyes that refuse to turn away.

Being watched by others while getting fucked in public places never fails to make me come deliciously hard and I am teetering near the brink.

My cunt is stretched to the limit and glistening wetness pours out of me and down my lover's wrist as she finally slips her fist completely inside. Arching my back, I spread my legs further and open up to both her and the world.

Giving freely and lovingly; I use my body as a wanton and sensual offering to both my lover and the leather voyeur lurking nearby while silently proclaiming possession of their souls. Captive mentally and physically, their sensual release will be realized only when my own pleasure is fulfilled. I revel in the ability to subjugate them both to my will. Being an aggressive and femme top, I derive immense gratification and even amusement by occasionally posing as a submissive and mindfucking a proud top.

Amongst the anonymous throngs of women, my head and body reel with exhilarating and dangerous pleasure. In my delirium, I fail to notice that my stalker is making her way toward us until she is standing right behind my lover who is kneeling in front of me.

Suddenly and without warning, she roughly grasps my face with her hand and kisses me ferociously, forcing her tongue into my mouth.

Copyright April 4, 2009 Dylynn DeSaint

By Dylynn DeSaint
Published in Best Lesbian Erotica 2009

             “Are you wearing it?” I ask her, my eyes searching her neck and stepping away as the doors open up.
With eyes cast downward and forming a sexy smile on her beautiful pouty lips, she murmurs; “Yes, Mistress.”
Tugging at the fabric, she lowers the neckline of her turleneck sweater so that I can see the leather collar with the shiny metal letters forming the words, Her Slave, wrapped snuggly around the smooth skin of her neck. The darkness contrasts beautifully against her tawny brown skin and beautiful black hair. The big metal ring in the front looks lost without its leash. I can fix that problem later on.
As soon as I see it, I walk off the elevator with her trailing behind me. We search for our separate rooms. I find mine, open the door and push my luggage inside, letting the door close behind me. I listen for hers to close too. I wait. Soon I hear the door handle turning to the room adjacent to mine. She opens it. I grab her by the wrist, pull her roughly inside my room and shove her up against the wall. She cries out as I grab a fistful of hair, yank her head back and kiss her hard, bruising the soft lips that I’ve craved with mine. Shoving my hand under her blouse I maul her breasts roughly, pinching her nipples between my fingers until she whimpers against my lips.
“Miss me?” I taunt her.
“God baby, I did…and so much!” she gasps breathlessly, biting my lips like a bitch in full heat and wrapping her legs around my thigh. I can feel the heat and moisture from her cunt searing into my leg.
“Show me how happy you are to see me then,” I say as I release her from my grip.
© March 19, 2008 Dylynn DeSaint

The Perfect Girl - an Excerpt
Written By Dylynn DeSaint

I pulled up to Gabby’s place after work, it was dark outside and the lights in her house were on. 
I knocked on her door.
No answer.
Oh no, here we go again.
Dare I walk around to the back again?
I held my breath and walked around the corner of her house.The back yard was dimly lit and had tiny white Christmas lights around the perimeter of the garden. Gabby lay curled up on a large wicker couch reading a book.
This time I didn’t want to surprise her and called out her name. She looked up at me and I could tell she was pleasantly surprised. She gave me a beautiful smile and motioned for me to join her. As I walked toward her, she gazed up at the stars and closed her eyes, as if thanking the gods that a wish came true.
She looked peaceful. When she opened her eyes, I was standing in front of her. She moved aside and asked me to sit next to her. When I sat down our hips and legs touched. I swear there was a current of something, a weird energy that passed between us. I reminded myself that she might be straight and to not interpret anything that she did as anything but platonic; besides, after all, she was in mourning.
Not a word had passed between us when she reached out and touched my face, her soft fingers gently stroking my skin. Tenderly she cupped my chin in her hand and brought her lips to mine. My heart and mind raced frantically but I felt myself returning her kisses.
What the hell was I doing?
Warning signals screamed in my head yet I ignored them.
Her hands continued to stroke my face. Pulling me closer, she pressed her soft lips into mine and kissed me with an urgency that was passionate and bold, then inched her way down my neck, nipping at the tender flesh. I could feel myself melting against her body and was keenly aware of the unmistakable heat of new passion spreading itself like a bonfire between my legs.
I brought her face back to mine and kissed her deeply, sliding my tongue against hers. Softly, she bit my lower lip and let out a sigh when my breasts moved against hers.
She pulled me downward and slowly opened her legs, allowing my leg to rest between them. With her body beneath me, she began to move sensuously against my thigh, grinding her hips upward. Her panties, soaked with desire, tugged at my skin and stirred me to return her thrusts.
Wanting to feel the heat of bare sex against my skin, I reached down and eased her panties off, allowing her to kick them aside. She pulled me back down over her and slowly we merged, our bodies intertwining into one.
Bucking beneath me and whimpering softly, she buried her face into the warmth and softness of my neck while boring her nails roughly into my back. I groaned loudly, my own body aching for sexual redemption. Soon, she began to tremble and I knew the delicious friction of her clit on my skin would cause her to explode at any minute. Suddenly, I felt her shudder and thrash violently against me.
I wrapped my arms around her and held her still, attempting to stall her climax and prolong her pleasure.
“Hold on baby….not yet,” I whispered to her, “don’t come yet.”
“I...I don’t know if I can keep myself from…” she cried, gasping for air and unable to control the powerful orgasm cascading throughout her body.
© August 10, 2008 Dylynn DeSaint