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October 26, 2010:
I dreamed these words last night and when I woke up, I immediately wrote them down.

"Change begins with your next breath."

Half asleep, I thought, okay, that's a nice thought..sounds a bit profound.  Then as I thought about it more today, I started to wonder if it was more of a message about how I am conducting my life these days.  I need to make a lot of changes...especially health-wise.  Now when I look at those words, it feels more like a directive.

October 19, 2010:

I'm working on a story called "DESIRE".  Inspiration struck while I was lying in bed late last night.  This string of words came to mind.  I kinda' like them and  think I'll use the sentence in my story:

"My desire. Your lust; our flesh is violently forged together by the fire of passion."
~ ~ ~

Butch Hands

                 Your soft fingertips glide across my nude body with such tenderness that it causes me to catch my breath and surrender to your sweet caresses.   Enchanted, my eyes  follow  your strong butch hands as  you inch your way over the curve of my breasts, down to my belly, and then finally settling on the sensitive and vulnerable triangle between my thighs.  You catch my gaze and smile back at me, moving your fingers  closer to the elicit wetness seeping from my cunt.   My body shivers as you taunt me, inching closer and closer, keeping me on the edge.   I whimper in quiet frustration and your eyes  warn me against being impatient.  Fidgeting and squirming, I take care not to thrust my hips in the direction of your hand.  I want you to fuck me so badly but dare not test your patience.

                 Finally, with unexpected swiftness, you plunge into the wetness, drawing from my lips, a yelp of surprise that quickly turns to moans of delectable pleasure.   You fuck me hard, shoving your fingers inside, indulging my wicked penchant for being taken roughly.

                 I no longer lie passively and clench my legs tightly around your arm, drawing you in still deeper.  Your fingers  work their magic, glistening with my slick honey each time you pull them out and plunge them back inside.

                 I scream out your name while clutching at you as I come, carelessly digging my nails into your back as my climax reaches its peak.     

                 When you make love to me like this, the invincible wall around my heart, that  fortress that those long before you could not penetrate, turns to ashes and falls around my feet.    Quiet whispers from lovers who professed love for me now litter the path I’ve traveled to find you.  At last, I feel alive and cherished when you take me as you do. 

                I look into your eyes, sweet butch lover, and revel in your strength and sensual prowess.  Indulge me, if only for a few delicious moments more, the slow and lingering softness of your lips on mine.    

                                                            -- Dylynn DeSaint
 © 2010