I did an interview last month in a OH BOI, Second Life magazine for butches and femmes.  You can view it here and also on my blog posting for May.  The interview is with my Second Life avatar, Gangrel Pichot.

Telephone interview with the beautiful and sexy author/radio show hostess, Claudia Moss:

The intro is a bit long so fast forward by clicking to the right of the pause button after the commercial finishes.

Five Questions from Jolie du Pre,editor of Iridescence:
Jolie: Why do you write erotica?
Dylynn: I had to really ponder this question because I had never really given it much thought. I write erotica because deep down inside I think that I shouldn’t be writing it and that is the appeal. Having been raised in an extremely conservative environment, I always played it safe and walked a straight line until I woke up from the politically correct fog. Once that happened, of course the first thing I did, true to form, was dive into a genre that those with a-stick-up-their-ass would consider to be taboo. I write erotica because it brings me such wicked pleasure, its fun, and I like being bad.

Writing erotica is truly a subtle and sensual form of seduction between the writer and the reader. As a writer, I have the opportunity to take my reader into a powerful and sensual state of mind. It is a sincere and delicious opportunity to move someone emotionally and physically. I want to take my reader by the hand, cajole her with playfulness, captivate and put her into a languorous frame of mind, then turn up the heat.

Jolie: What do you like best about lesbian erotica?
Dylynn: It’s HOT! Obviously, being a lesbian I am biased, but there is nothing more beautiful than two women making love and then being able to read about it.

Jolie: What is the theme of your story Shopping In New York in Iridescence: Shades of Lesbian Erotica?
Dylynn: The story is about a cocky young Latina butch woman who, while sitting in a dressing room and waiting for a friend, has a little too much fun.

Jolie: Name other books where we can find your work:
The Best Date Ever: True Stories that Celebrate Lesbian Relationships, edited by Linda Alvarez My story The Best Serial Date Ever appears in it under the pseudonym, Dylynn DeSantis.
Best Lesbian Erotica 2009
Purple Panties: An Anthology

Jolie: Just for fun! Gym shoes or stilettos?
Dylynn: Just recently I started going to the gym so I’m going have to say gym shoes. I’m a comfy shoe kind of person anyway. Trotting on the treadmill in 4-1/2” heeled stilettos? …priceless… No, I don’t think so.