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First off, the photo on the page is not me.  I put it there to catch your eye.  If I looked that good in tight black latex, you bet it would be my ass up there and not hers :)

I'm a freelance writer who lives and writes in the hot-as-hell climate of Arizona.  My writing journey started with journaling.  I journaled everything that I experienced about coming out, relationships, heartache, love, happiness, and newfound sexuality.  I wrote everyday and every chance I got.  The more I wrote, the more I discovered that I had a passion that I never knew existed;  writing.   Through the words that flowed out of my pen, I found immense joy and began writing fiction as a wonderful vehicle in which I could continue to express my own sensuality.    

The first stories that I wrote were from my heart and soul and it took a lot of courage to share them with friends.  I suck at grammar and not having had any formal training in creative writing, made the decision to put both my stories and ego out on the line.  Fortunately, I received nothing but encouragement and requests for more.  Yes!

Right now I'm working on various short stories and just finished a romance.  I'm attempting to write a screenplay and have one page completed as of today (April 19th).  I've never written one before but want to try my hand at it because I love a challenge.  I hope to get it completed by August of this year.  Call me crazy. 

Like a lot of writers, I've got several projects and novels on the back burner.  One of which, is a shapeshifter story.  The setting is in Portland, Oregon and involves the use of the Shanghai tunnels located under the city.  Legend has it that during the 1850's unsuspecting people were kidnapped and used as slave labor on waiting ships.  I plan on travelling to Portland this summer to do research for my book and a little sightseeing. 

I'm not exactly a big fan of fiction but when I do read it, I lean toward science fiction, stories about vampires, chick lit, and, of course, erotica.  My favorite authors are Anais Nin, Anne Rice (especially her works penned under the pseudonym of A.N. Roqueluare), Laurie Notaro, Carlos Ruiz-Zafon, Patrick Califia, and Laurell K Hamilton.  

To those of you wonderful ladies who have read my stories and sent me sweet emails, I adore you and appreciate that you took the time to write. I hope to continue to entertain your mind and imagination with more vivid and sensual fantasies.    

Much love,

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