Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Look...whispers, music playlists, etc

I'm really sleepy right now and was going to go to bed earlier but got a second wind. If you've visited before you'll notice the blog looks a little different. I've added pages to make things easier to find.

Something new that I've added on the blog is a page called "whispers."

So many times throughout the day, like on my commute to and from work, or pretty much at any time, even in dreams, ideas for a story will suddenly appear in my head. From a writer's perspective these are wonderful gifts. Sometimes what comes to mind is a singular beautiful sentence. I decided I'd call these bursts of creative thoughts, "whispers." I'll post my sensual, erotic, or romantic thoughts, sentences, and short, short stories (no more than a page and a half) on this page. These will be more like streams of consciousness than anything else.

My first whisper is a short, short story called, "Butch Hands." Hope you like it.

If you have any of your own and would like me to post them, shoot me an email at