Tuesday, October 12, 2010

FlashFuck Fiction - 100 Word Erotica Story

Silent Fuck

Curled up under the sheets, my sleeping beauty lies.

Holding the shiny metal whip in my hand, I gently trace the length of her exposed calf with the soft leather flogger.

Stirring, she stretches languorously.

I tug at the blankets exposing her nude body and stubbornly repress the urge to lavish on her skin, a thousand kisses.

Opening her legs slightly, I see the rosy lips of her already glistening cunt and place the handle between her folds. She grips my hand with hers. Together we guide cool steel inside. Silent gasp. The flower opens. I bend to taste honey.

© October 12, 2010. Dylynn DeSaint. All rights reserved. Copyright held by author.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

FlashFuck - Lesbian Cyber Erotica - 100 Words


The words she types appear on the screen.
I smile.
Playful. Seductive. Siren-like.
I can't look away.
She asks me if I'll chat privately with her.
I do.
Alone with her now.
I fidget.
Electronic bedroom of sensual colloquy.
We linger.
Her words transform into invisible fingers caressing my skin.
I squirm in my chair.
Seductive. Sinful. She whispers.
I crave more.
Dirty words follow.
I am wet.
Lips on my breasts. Downward.
I open my legs.
Warm tongue reaches velvet.
Ecstasy. Eyes closed.
Inside me now.
Hips thrust outward.
Lips utter filth.
Lurid lover. Invisible fiend.
My heaven.

© October 5, 2010. Dylynn DeSaint. All rights reserved. Copyright held by author.