Monday, September 13, 2010

Paperwork - An excerpt of my latest erotic story about love, sex, and having fun with a whip

Last month I attended writer's conference in Portland, Oregon. I pitched the movie script and well, I think I bombed it because I was so nervous AND because I changed scenes in the plot so many times recently that I just didn't feel confident talking about it. Honestly, I couldn't even have sold the script to myself because I didn't believe in it either. So, with that being said, I'll do more work on it but in the meantime I'm also going to also do what I love the most, write erotica. Oh, and indulge my addiction to Twitter.

Tonight, I thought I'd post an excerpt of another story. It's called PAPERWORK. The story is about two women who are in a long term relationship and very much in love. The protagonist, or narrator of this story wakes up early one morning to try to get some work done but discovers that her lover has plans of her own. The story takes a playful and erotic turn when one surprises the other with a newly purchased leather riding crop.

By Dylynn DeSaint

I grabbed my glasses off of the nightstand and looked over at Nia. Her long blonde hair flowed softly over her face and lay in swirls around her bare breasts. Sometimes on mornings like this I’d lay quietly next to her and bask in the stillness and love I felt for her. The warmth of her body next to mine was all that I needed in this world to make me happy.

I lived for sweet moments like this and reveled in my refuge away from the world outside of our home. Each day that passed, I found myself happily falling in love with her all over again.

* * *Later in the story * * *

I stood there while she slipped my pajama bottoms down to my ankles and her fingertips explored my body further. Soon she kissed me, parting my lips with her tongue while stroking my skin softly while her hands snaked their way from my butt to the front. I kissed her back passionately, nipping at her lips. She responded with soft moans which were driving me mad with lust for her. I wanted to make love to her.

As we kissed, her fingers really began to explore below. Her hand stroked the inside of my thighs and then up to the outer lips of my impatient sex. She murmured something about how wet I was and how excited she was getting by just touching me.

Her fingers parted my slit and she edged her way inside slowly. I groaned with pleasure. Our lips parted momentarily while I got caught up in the sensations taking place in my groin.

“You like what I’m doing don’t you darling?” She said as she bit my lip softly.

“Yessss” I whispered back hoarsely, my body surrendering to her touch. I closed my eyes and waited for her to continue to fuck me.

“I want you to face the desk and open up your laptop” she commanded, as she withdrew her fingers momentarily.

“Do it, baby,” she said, softening her tone.

As I brought the laptop down from the shelf and put it on the desk, she continued to stroke my body and unbutton my pajama top

“You’re my all-work-and-no-play lover. Today I’m going to teach you the importance of playing. I want you to type everything that I’m going to do to you as I do it. It’s going to serve as a reminder later, that you work too hard. If you stop at anytime, I’m going to punish you with this beautiful leather whip."

I stood upright for a moment and tried to turn around to look at her.

Whip? Wait, where’d the whip come from? How’d she hide it from me?

I didn’t see it on the desk when I came into the room. As I attempted to turn around again, I felt the sting of the riding crop on the back of my thighs.

“Hey!" I exclaimed. “What the hell? Where'd that come from?"

She was having none of it. My questions were met with more slaps of the whip, this time on my ass.

“Baby, your job is not to ask but to do as I say,” she said, pushing my shoulders forward so that I was slightly bent.

She ordered me to take off my top. It was already unbuttoned so I flung it off quickly before she could smack me again.

“Nia baby, I don’t know if I’m really into this kind of stuff. I mean. I’ve never tried….”

She raised her hand and delivered more stinging wallops, this time across my back.

“Wait a minute!”

Before I could protest any more, she covered my body with hers, pressing in so that I felt her warmth. She held me while nipping gently at my shoulders then used her tongue to lick at the pink welts on my skin. I could feel her silky pubic hair on my butt as she rubbed her body against mine.

I was starting to get aroused again and quickly lost my preoccupation with the whip when I felt something between my ass cheeks. To my chagrin, it was that damn whip again.

“Baby, you’re supposed to be writing,” she purred into my ear before taking it between her teeth and biting gently. I flinched a little at the pain and felt goose bumps rise on my skin then fan out to my breasts. My nipples stood erect and were as hard as pebbles.

Her tongue glided over my ear as she breathed heavily. It excited me that she was so aroused. I have to admit that the sight of her naked with that whip in her hand also added to the heat building between my legs. I liked the way it looked but wasn’t so sure I liked the pain associated with it.

Her fingers traveled to the front, slipping down between my folds and ever so lightly making contact with my clit. I closed my eyes and purred at the luxurious warm feeling. While nipping at my shoulders, with the other hand, she pinched a hard nipple between her fingertips. The sensations of pain from the love bites, her fingers touching my breast, and the other dipped inside of me created a potpourri of sensations that were stirring my body like the perfect recipe for ecstasy.

Trying to do as she had ordered earlier, I started typing, painstakingly slow. My hands were trembling but I somehow managed the best I could lest I suffer the wrath of the whip.

Your soft hands on my ass feel heavenly/// fucking good baby@!

don't want you to stopp,./'.

I want to feel your fingers inside of me!!..

notttttt sure about whip/.,m

put it away!q

Not realizing that she was reading over my shoulder; suddenly and without warning, she pushed the handle into my ready and waiting moist core. It slipped in easily and a groan of pure bliss drifted from my lips.

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