Her Soft Voice
Written by Dylynn DeSaint

The phone rings. I answer it and hear the sound of her soft voice on the other end. She is away on another business trip and I know she misses me. I can also tell from the tone of her voice that she is in a sensual mood. It is something I know based on my experiences with her.
Soon, her words, like the flames of a newly lit fire begin to stoke my desire. Almost immediately she effortlessly moves my body into a slow sexual burn.
I put the newspaper down that I am reading and push my body farther into the big leather cushions on the couch, getting more comfortable and cradling the phone closer to my face. I can hear the water in the background as she moves in the tub filled with soapy water and bubbles.
“I thought of you as I poured the bath. When I saw my naked reflection in the mirror, I couldn’t help but remember the feel of your hands on my body.” She purrs into the phone.
Only silence and the quiet murmur of my beating heart greet her ears. She knows she has my attention. I say nothing and allow her to go on.
“The warmth of the water moving between my legs feels like your tongue lapping at my pussy.”
My nostrils flare at the mention of her sex. I close my eyes and savor the sweet recollection of her womanly scent and the way she tastes.
The sound of glass clinking together and liquid pouring out of a bottle expands the visual I have of her in the tub. I wonder what kind of wine she is drinking. Was she burning candles as well? Would she use a dildo this time? I loved second guessing her and fantasizing about what she would do next.
The sound of the receiver making contact with the tub tells me that she has put the phone down and is no longer holding it. I can still hear her moving around in the water. The swishing of the foamy liquid reverberates loudly against the walls in the hotel bathroom.
Pressing the phone against my ear, I listen intently, not wanting to miss a sound. She set the phone down on purpose, to keep me at bay and force me to stretch my imagination to keep my fantasy going. The fact that she could care less about what I hear makes participating in her voyeuristic sexual game a perverse thrill. I am immediately filled with unrelenting, wild lust for her. All I have to go on are the sounds that she makes in the bathroom; putting her in the titillating position of dominance and me as a submissive, a delicious role that I am fast becoming accustomed to and beginning to crave.
Soon, I hear the vague sound of a jagged sigh and a whimper of pleasure. I hold my breath and don’t move an inch. I clutch the phone even closer to my ear. Feeling my crotch heating up and growing tingly, I close my legs and squirm as my desire continues grow. My feverish longing for her has reduced my reactions to a visceral primal level; like a she wolf in heat, I lick my lips and sit transfixed and alert, straining with every muscle tensed.
“Mmmmmm…” she moans, the sensuous sounds echoing along with the water splashing in the tub. The telephone’s receiver picks up every minute sound of her sexual pleasure.
Her soft moans bring a vision of her lying in the tub, touching her wet body. In my mind, I can see her skin glistening from the soft glow of the candles around the tub, her hands touching her neck and making their way down to her breasts; the beautiful nipples aching to be stroked. I will her to run her fingers over them, circling each one gently until they stand high. As she touches herself, her back arches upwards as if reaching instinctively toward the origin of pleasure. Slowly she lets one hand wander down to her shaved mound while the other stays on her breast. When her fingers reach the lips of her pussy, she opens them up and begins to probe inside, pushing her middle finger deep inside the wet entrance.
She lets out a long sigh. I stop breathing and hold my breath, waiting to hear what happens next.
“Ohhhhhhhhh….” She gasps, her voice shaking.
Soon, she is groaning and murmuring that she wants me to fuck her. Each groan becomes more prolonged and louder.
“Yessssssss, oh yessssss, fuck me, baby!” I hear her begin to wail over and over again loudly, knowing that she’s finger fucking herself and close to having an orgasm.
My whole body is painfully tense with anticipation. I unzip my jeans and shove my hand between my legs. I quickly insert a finger inside my already wet and drenched pussy. Using the wetness on my fingers I begin to stroke my clit.
Clinging to the phone, I listen to her groans grow louder and louder. I wonder if there are people in the next room and if they can hear her too. It excites me to think that they might be listening just as intently as I am.
I visualize the way her fingers might look, diving inside her vagina, probing and searching anxiously for her g-spot in the warmth of the velvety soft passage I covet. She’s driving me crazy with passion. I am hundreds of miles away from her, yet so close, in mind and body. As we both approach our own separate orgasms, it amazes me that she knows exactly how to arouse me and how to take me to the edge, even without the sensation of touch.
I can feel myself approaching a huge climax, yet do not dare make a sound. It is hard to tell who was going to cum first, her or me.
“Babyyyyyyy! Honey!” She cries out louder than ever, and then through clenched teeth lets out a guttural growl. It is the unmistakable sound of her reaching a climax.
Using the sound of her orgasm as a signal, I allow myself the pleasure of sexual release. Stroking my clit roughly, I come hard, curling up on the couch, groaning loudly as wave after wave of each explosive orgasm convulses through my body. Still holding the telephone against my ear, I lie breathless on my side, my eyes closed, clinging to the sounds of her sighing in pleasure.
Then there is silence for at least a couple of minutes.
“How is my baby?” she asks, stifling a wicked chuckle, her voice still breathy and deliciously sultry as she speaks directly into the telephone.
“Fine, baby” I reply, out of breath…you fucking little bitch.
I can tell by the sound of her voice that she is smiling, knowing that on the other end of the telephone; she’s got me with my hand down my pants, fingers soaked in wetness and that I am completely under her control.

© 2007 Dylynn DeSaint. All rights reserved.
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Another Business Trip
By Dylynn DeSaint

It’s been four days since you’ve been gone. I’ve been going about my normal routine just like all the other times when you’ve had to go away on your business trips. The only difference being, the last couple of days I haven’t been able to get you out of my mind.
On my drive to work, images of your naked body fuel visions in my mind instead of the scenery. I hear your voice and the soft moans that you make when we make love instead of the music on the radio. I find myself smiling in a hazy stupor at the drivers next to me at traffic intersections for no reason at all. I’m in a daze, obsessed, and missing you terribly.
While you’re gone each waking hour that ticks by slowly on the clock brings on a growing number of vivid memories and sensual fantasies. My thoughts alternately cross between both all day. In my fantasies our lovemaking becomes rougher, kinkier, and more passionate. I become a dominant bitch, using and forcing you to have kinky sex with me while violating your body to suit my whims. Your pain becomes my pleasure. My love of ass play is unrestrained and I urge you to become more enamored of being blushed while I fuck you to exhaustion.
Each thought, each moment spent thinking of you becomes more lurid and wild. If not for having to do everyday things, I’d be stuck in this delicious mental orgy.
Everything reminds me of you. This morning, I watched a thick stream of silky honey dripping off of the teaspoon dangling above my breakfast tea and became lost in the memory of one of our many trysts. This one involving dribbling wine from my glass onto the rose colored lips of your cunt beautifully nestled in the soft dark curls between your thighs. You lie there, watching me, transfixed by both the sight and feeling of the cool wine traveling along the soft folds leading to the essence of your desire and my tongue brushing gently across the sweet wetness emanating from your body. You quiver at the sensation and spread your legs wider apart, gasping quietly as I lap up the sweet nectar.
I study your face as my tongue swirls around the pinnacle of your lust, the tiny epicenter throbbing and rising under my lips. You look back at me through hooded eyes, biting your lip, then tossing your head back and gently thrusting your hips sensuously upward in an attempt to make firmer contact with my mouth.
I love it when you lose yourself in the pleasure that I give you, it makes me ravenous and more determined to shake your world to the core. You are the instrument of my pleasure.
The blissful state of nirvana that I seek is found when I have my face buried between your thighs, gorging myself on the sweet ambrosia that emanates from the free-flowing spring of your lovely body.
Together we create an erotic montage of soft moans and sighs. It is the music that I live for, the sweet celestial intonation of our voices rising through a beautiful and sensuous crescendo. I am the conductor of this piece, guiding you languorously through each melody, my tongue lightly flicking at your clit, eliciting cries that are muffled by your attempts to restrain yourself. You want to make it last now and I love you for it.
I signal my own intentions of making our pleasureable merging of souls a long and slow paced Aria by moving my lips away and lightly kissing the inside of your thighs.
Getting up on my hands and knees now, I grab a pillow and place it under your bottom, placing you high enough so that I will have access to previously unchartered territory.
I tell you to stay put.
Pulling the strap-on harness and thick dildo out from a drawer in the nightstand, I quickly put it on. You close your eyes and I watch a sexy smile creep across your lips. I smile to myself as well because what I am planning to do with it is not what you are expecting.
Lying back down on my belly, I part your sweet thighs once again and use my tongue to travel slowly along the exquisitely smooth and silky skin between your cunt and ass. You arch your back upward again and I watch your breasts quiver as you attempt to guide me back up to your throbbing center of pleasure. Following your insistent cue, I deliver long slow strokes of my tongue through your silky and moist folds, indulging in your sweet offering and dipping two fingers inside your luscious wet core. You respond by tightening and clenching around them. I ram them in hard and deep, prodding your g-spot with each stroke. You instinctively wrap your thighs around my neck and with your hips, thrust your insatiable cunt into both my face and fingers. I could make you come right then and there if I wanted to but I’m not ready. I have something else in mind.
Strumming the smooth skin of your buttocks, I spread your ass cheeks apart and whisper how much I love pleasing you and want you to open up for me. You respond by grasping your knees and pulling them upward so the sweet flower that you keep secretly hidden is completely exposed to me. Brushing my lips against the exquisite and tender entrance, I lovingly pay homage with light flicks of my tongue in and around your ass.
Slowly, ever so slowly, I push my tongue gently through the tight entrance and your hips squirm sensuously with each thrust inward and out. I listen intently to the soft purrs and moans escaping from your lips. It is the music that I live for.
When I am satisfied that you are ready, I push my finger inside and feel your body tense slightly. With my other hand, I insert my thumb into your cunt and begin to thrust. You grind against both fingers slowly at first then more urgently, seeking your own pleasurable rhythm.
This is the moment that I’ve been waiting for, when you are the hottest and most eager. Without warning I quickly pull my fingers out, get up on my knees and pull your legs up so that both of your ankles are resting on my shoulders. I quickly squirt some lube onto the dildo. Grasping the tip, I guide it into the opening of your ass and hesitate for a moment, allowing you to become accustomed to the fullness. I grab your ankles and lean forward into you, sinking the dildo completely until it disappears. You look up at me, your eyes pleading with me silently and urgently, willing me to fuck you, roughand hard.
Grasping your ankles again, I splay your legs wide open and ram the dildo into you more deeply; so hard that my body tumbles onto yours. You moan loudly and begin to thrash uncontrollably. I feel the sting of your fingernails raking into the skin of my thighs and the pain moves me to plunge in harder and deeper inside of you. You scream out, urging me on. Heaving and gasping above you, I thrust my body into yours roughly and have to grasp onto the sheets to keep your body pinned underneath me.
Soon you release your soul to mine and your body shudders as an orgasm sears through every inch of your flesh.
I close my eyes and revel in the memory of our lovemaking, so much so that I can almost taste you on my lips and feel the warmth of your skin on mine. The sweet afterglow of that crazy passionate tryst warms my entire body even now.
Leaning against the kitchen counter, I mindlessly stir my tea and stare out the window. I drink in silence and close my eyes momentarily savoring the steamy memory, when I sense your presence in the house. My heart, mind, and soul are so wrapped up in the desire that I feel for you that I wonder if you’re feeling it too, right now. I listen intently, expecting you to walk through the door at any minute but know that you won’t.
I look down at my watch and sigh. I’m going to be late for work yet again. Gathering my keys, I leave the half empty cup on the counter and head out the door. On my drive to work, I think to myself that while you are gone, I’m going to allow my mind the sweet luxury of uninhibited carnal fantasies, all at your expense. My face suddenly grows hot at that thought and the endless possibilities.
Slowly I smile.
When you return from your trip, my love, I am going to enjoyyou…be ready, be very ready.

© March 3, 2008 Dylynn DeSaint
No part or portion may be republished or reprinted in electronic or any other format, in any language, translation, or version, without express permission from the author, except brief passages which may be quoted in a review.